OPW-Make More Money and Enjoy Your Life Part 2

Welcome back if you are here after reading part one. Your curiosity must be piqued and your search for good value is enough to bring you back. Congratulations, you are on the right path. (If you are asking what OPW is, please go back and read part 1.)

Why is OPW important and how much do you have in your life account at this point? What do I mean? Just like a bank account we all have a “life account” that is the cumulative wisdom we have acquired. We grow that wisdom from living life and from learning from those wise counselors mentioned earlier. We make deposits into and withdrawals from that life account everyday. Hopefully you are making more deposits than withdrawals.

Because we only have 24 hours in a day and some of that is horizontal (sleeping) we do not have a great abundance of time to get new knowledge and apply it, thus giving us wisdom. That is why it is imperative that we find and observe those that have a surplus of wisdom in their well to dip our cup into. Otherwise making large daily withdrawals can quickly begin to deplete your life account or give you a dry well in one category or another.

So, how do you find that wise counselor or better yet a whole team of them? That is what I promised to show you.

First, clarify and define who you are and what you want. Determine your V.M.V.; Vision, Mission, Values. What is your vision or dream of where you want to be and what you want in your life or business in the next 10 or 20 years? What is your life or business mission (also known as your purpose)? And finally, what are your values? What are your top five core values; those things that mean the most to you and that you are not going to compromise on at any cost?

When you have clearly defined and written those insights on paper you change your life. As you look at, think about and build your commitment to living those guiding principles you send out signals. Those signals immediately attract others to you who are like you. And that is exactly what you want. Those who share the same or similar V.M.V. will be the best candidates for your mentor and Master Mind group. Why?

When you have others who are like you they will support, encourage and challenge you in the way you need and want to become all that you can become. Your mentor(s) can give you wise advice, hold you accountable and possibly connect you to others who will assist you on your quest. Carefully observing this person will make large deposits into your life account.

Your Master Mind group will expand and build on what your mentor does and give you a harmonious power base of like minded supporters who want for you what you want for yourself; more productivity, more money and a better life.

Do you have any comments or questions thus far? More next time in part 3

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