Ways Businesses Protect Employees and Inform Others During Global Isolation

Very few businesses today are not global in some way.  It is easy to think of large corporations as global because they may have offices in more than one country.  However, any company that has an on-line business is most likely global as they may be sending products or services anywhere in the world.  Even if a small business does not go outside their home country for customers, they may be getting materials from a supplier based in another country.  Face it, current times meant a global economy.  Anything that happens outside your country can possibly impact your business.

INC magazine says Coronavirus May Already Be Affecting Your Business.

What can you do to help your employees at this time?  If they must be at work because your business is one that supports citizens in time of crisis, then provide the materials to protect your employees and customers.  During a pandemic/epidemic or natural disaster, for most this would be hand sanitizer, gloves, soap, water, googles, face masks, and a way to communicate with superiors and where necessary other agencies. For a specialized workforce, there may be additional requirements to meet industry standards.  It is important to provide a safe workplace or outside work environment for your employees.  Knowing you are providing this for them will keep them going and will give some comfort to your concerned customers as well.

If your business is important but is not a support organization, then provide ways for employees to work-at-home (such as telecommuting or virtual meetings), take on-line training/education courses and attend webinars, or take time-off (such as sick leave, LOA, vacation, or furlough) without losing their jobs.  Although your business is important to you, it may not be key during national or global times of crisis.   If this is the case, you may want to consider letting people take time off and if necessary closing for a short period of time.

Forbes magazine shared Impact Of The Coronavirus On Business and the economy, as well as statistics and  plans for What Businesses Can Do In Response To The Coronavirus.

This is why many organizations are taking the time to communicate with their employees, suppliers, and customers what they are doing during local or global difficulties.  Although a few may complainthey are getting to many emails, most will be comforted by the shared information,  Also a few businesses  are going beyond email and taking the time to use social media or upload videos about what they are doing or how they are supporting efforts to keep both out-of-work employees and customers informed.

The new business slogan to customers and employees becomes "let us take care of you while you take care of yourself."

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