Five Top Business Leadership Issues

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Each year, I search business articles for common leadership themes and issues.  These business leadership issues are usually presented sometime in the first quarter of each year.  This year it was harder to find the top leadership issues as they seemed to be all over the place!  Some articles had the common threads of technology use, company culture, leader's personal needs awareness, change management, and staff/HR issues.  Although their approaches were somewhat different and in some cases contradictory!

Of the common leadership topics, below are the 5 most discussed business leadership issues in order of frequency of appearance in articles.  Although many have been covered on this blog before, I wrote on a few of the highest ranking concepts in posts and  linked to them in the numbered list below as well.

Five Top Leadership Issues 

  1. Gender diversity (encourage more female leadership)
  2. Continuous learning (promote training and education) 
  3. Change management (communicate what changes and what remains the same)
  4. Company culture (emphasize accountability and lead by example)
  5. Generational gaps/diverstiy (are no longer high priority issue, yet need to remain aware of it)

Below are a few leadership articles you may want to check out on other issues:

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