Three Considerations When Asking For Better Compensation

Whether you are looking to get a raise or up the amount of start pay during a job offer, consider the following 3 considerations in asking for more pay or additional compensation.

1. Remember the first offer is typically a starting point in a salary range from HR.  Even if the money seems acceptable, why not try to negotiate for a higher rate?  Ask for more without naming a value, while explaining why you are worth more.  Salary negotiating means they are willing to go up, but you also must be willing to go down.  What is an acceptable compromise for both sides?

2. Be prepared with salary figures from your industry to prove your value, do not get emotional about money.  Your value is not just your skills but how you help the company.  Can you bring in new customers, reduce cycle time, make technology advances?  These things matter to the person interviewing you are a new hire or an internal candidate fro transfer or promotion.  Can you show them facts about what you have done and plans for what you could do?

3. Look for other compensation you are willing to accept in lieu of salary, if cash is either not negotiable or only slightly so.  Is working with the latest technology important?  What about being on a specific project or team?  If you ca not get a new promotion or title, can you get someone to assist you in getting more work done? What other benefits does the company have in health benefits, leave, life insurance, bonuses, flex-time, telecommuting, or profit-sharing, that would be good compensation?

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