Never-the-less Principle, Adjusting Attitude at Work

With the seasons of Thanksgiving through New Years approaching, I began to think about the different feelings and attitudes people many experience on-the-job.  All too often, work and holidays bring stress and grips rather than relaxation and joy.  Are we letting the wrong attitudes steal our happiness at home and work?  There is this old principle for attitude adjustment called "the nevertheless principle".  The principle works this way - take a negative complaint and add a positive spin to it with the word nevertheless (never-the-less) at the end of the statement.

Below are a few statement examples to consider for adjusting attitude at work:
  • I get tired of working so much of the time, nevertheless, I have a job that helps support my family.
  • My position here is not very high, nevertheless, I find satisfaction in doing my job well.
  • I have a lot of work to do before the holidays, nevertheless, I will have free time with my family once it is done.
  • A few here seem to get away with doing very little, nevertheless, I will do my best and know that I truly contribute.
  • My boss is hard on me, nevertheless ,I know he appreciates it when I make the department look good.
  • This company only cares about profit, nevertheless, those profits are what enables them to pay me.
How does this help adjust attitudes?  First by forcing oneself to turn from a negative thought into a positive one.  This will immediately make one feel better.  Eventually, the negative fades as we concentrate more on the positive.  Resulting in a more positive attitude more often so that  the negative goes away to be replaced with feelings of contentment rather than resentment.  Happier employees are more productive employees.  Happiness them=n spills over into their personal lives as well.

What are some of the statements you might make?  Please share them in the comments for this post.  If you want to see some personal life example statements, see Lifestyle Organization blog

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