Nine Motivational Ideas to Increase Employee Engagement

Below are nine ideas to increase both motivation and engagement in the workplace.  A few are simple employee relation concepts or team building processes.  Others require more communication effort or either human resources (HR) or upper management support.  

See if you can tell which ideas fall under motivation and which fall under engagement per the chart in infographic on the left.

1. Give your employees the opportunity to do what they do best!
2. Provide helpful tools and procedures to get quality work done efficiently.
3. Provide a better work-life balance and encourage personal well-being.
4. Recognize employee efforts, team achievements, and project milestones.
5. Improve job security and implement transparency at work.
6. Provide training and support for professional and personal development.
7. Let employees know they work for a company with a great reputation.
8. Get feedback from employees on what to do better.
9. Encourage personal interactions and relationships between co-workers.

After reading this list, determine what you can do immediately.  Then set goals for bringing the other items into your organization. 


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