Buying Office Supplies in Bulk: Which Items are Yes or No?

You may not think buying office supplies is a big deal, after all how much does a pen or pad cost compared to office equipment? However, over time, the expense related to common office supplies can add up to big dollars because the organization constantly needs to buy more to keep up with employee demand and job needs.   

To the left is a new infographic designed to help office administrators and purchasing agents understand what makes sense to buy in bulk for cost effectiveness and what not to get in large quantities at one time.  I agree with most of it what Quill includes in the YES grouping, except for furniture.  Unless you are furnishing a new office or doing a remodel/redecorate it does not make sense to have extra furniture around taking up valuable space and getting in the way of easy movement.  So I think furniture should have went in the PROBABLY NOT group.

If you want to see a full-size infographic and/or read the blog post from, an on-line office supplies store, read their blog post Your Go-to Guide to Buying in Bulk for the Office.

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