Quality Management – Where Are We Now? Survey Questions

I was reading a Leadership vs Management” report from Sweden’s LUND University that used Total Quality Management (TQM) models to arrive at their conclusions.  The latest reference in the report was 2006.  After doing an internet search, I could not find a more recent report that was not primarily Healthcare related.  As a corporate trainer during of the quality improvement (quality related posts) and team building (team related posts) booms of the late 1980s thru the 1990s, I was curious about where businesses are now related to continuous quality management programs.  (Check out Kaizen and the history of Quality Improvement processes from Creative Safety Solutions.) 

Knowing that customers expect more now than they did in the past, I wondered if the quality ideas are still in full force at USA companies and global organizations.   The best way for me to find out is to ask, right? Complete survey at
to let me know what is going on (or not happening) in your company. The survey can take between 1 - 8 minutes depending on your answer to the provided questions. When I get at least 1000 responses, I will publish the survey results in a future post.  

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