Who will do the job?

After hearing that immigrants were encouraged to walk-off their job to show how much America needed them to fill jobs that Americans themselves supposedly refuse to do. I first asked, what makes the politicians think immigrant people can afford to not go to work?  Didn’t they choose to immigrate legally with green cards or visas for the purpose of work because they need the money to support their families? Was it not inconsiderate to ask them to give up their income for a day and/or possibly risk the loss of their job? 

If the protest requests were directed to undocumented workers (a.k.a. illegal aliens), then I would think that was absurd.  People who have come into the country without the proper paperwork would not risk promoting that in a public setting.  Even though the border patrols, fences, and paperwork checks are directed at them.  They can be deported for coming in illegally and possible employers can be fined or more for illegally hiring them without paperwork.

Then, I wondered who could fill those jobs if these people were let go?  Since they would need to hire if these employers let people who did not show up go. (Employers are legally permitted to terminate someone for not showing up for work as it can adversely affect their services - which would be the true reason the jobs would become available –not because someone was attending a protest). Back to the question – who could do the work?  Maybe the jobs could be filled by the 4.8% adult American citizens who are still unemployed, or those released from jail who want a job to turn their lives around, or where possible give jobs to those  with disabilities who want work, or people who should not be on welfare. If not the jobless adults, then some of these jobs which are already being done by some teenagers maybe could be done by more teens if they wanted a job.

Like it or not, the USA is part of the global marketplace. Saying that immigrants are taking USA jobs and possibly not paying taxes are only part of the issue. > Now people can stay in their native country and get a job as more USA jobs are going outside the country because labor is cheaper and there are fewer restrictions.  These jobs are going across the border as well outsourcing overseas (to China or India). 

Why are these American dollars going to other countries?  Could it be the unions that helped our citizens get better wages, safe environments, and fair hours have gone overboard?  Have worker unions outlived their original purpose and are now part of the problem?  Could it be the wonderful regulations that unions helped inspire have gone overboard with government control? Or has the American worker really gotten greedy when it comes to pay and benefits?  What happened to the company profits that went back into businesses to grow it and hire more workers?  How hard is it to start a business or maintain one in the USA today?  

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