Managing Five Generations of Employees

Multi-generational Workers
Harvard Business Review asks business "Are your managers ready for five generations of workers?"  Yes there will be some challenges.  But does it scare businesses as much as it used to when we were prepping the work environment to change for Gen Y? I think we are ready because companies continue to embrace technology, diversity, and look for workers who do the same in our new business climate.  The non-techie generations have grown to use and understand the role of technology.  And the techies are learning to work with various personalities and are willing to communicate differently (not just via social networks) to get projects done.  Yes, as long as mutual understanding and commitment exist.

So what are the labels everyone is calling the generations now?   Below are some of the terms.  And yes they are confusing because so much of the documentation that is meant to help us understand the differences in the generations as experts picks different years for the generations.  Stop confusing the issue! 

Traditionals/Traditionalists a.k.a. The Depression Babies - born before 1945.
Baby Boomers a.k.a. The Woodstock Generation - born 1946-1964.
Generation X a.k.a. The Latchkey Generation - born 1965-1980?
Generation Y/Millennials a.k.a. The Entitled Generation - born 1981-1995?
Gen Z/iGen a.k.a The Facebook Crowd or Linksters or Gen 2020 - born after 1995.

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