Ten Differences between Leader and Manager Tasks

Over the years, I have read various books and articles that say there is a difference between a leader and a manager.  Below is my version of tasks that set the leaders and managers apart.  This list does not mean a manager cannot also be a leader or that leaders are not managers.  Both job titles require training, skill, and the need to acknowledge where personal growth may be necessary to move from one function to the other.

Leadership Tasks
Management Tasks
·         Build relationships
·         Coach/Mentor
·         Create change
·         Build teams
·         Set direction
·         Implement vision and goals
·         Motivate followers
·         Overcome barriers
·         Inspire people
·         Influence potential
·         Reinforce organization
·         Direct/Delegate
·         React to change
·         Instruct groups
·         Make plans
·         Establish budgets and timelines
·         Hire employees
·         Identify problems
·         Control process
·         Set policy

For more thoughts on the difference between leaders and managers, check out this research paper on Understanding the Difference between Management and Leadership or this post What’s the difference between leaders and managers?

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