Ten Top Tips for Getting Organized at the Office

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Time Management  
 Take 4 minutes to watch th video below where Christa Wagner, a professional organizer, shares her top tips for getting and staying organized.  Then plan your business Thursday as your personal “organize the desk day.” 

In summary, her main tips are:

  1. Dress your desk for success – have all office supplies needed on hand and reduce distractions
  2. Plan your next  week and assess the prior week successes
  3. Open your mail daily
  4. Setup a desktop action file
  5. Send fewer emails so you get fewer emails and let go of email-itis
  6. Prioritize when you put your rocks (events) on the calendar
  7. Create a stop-doing list
  8. Put things away after you use them
  9. Clear your desk at the end of each day
  10. Schedule an office-wide organizing day for the company

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