Use Activities to Build High Performing Teams

You’ve probably been involved in a team-building exercise at some point Perhaps it was a training workshop, weekend retreat, or an afternoon at the ropes course learning to rely on one another.

But, whether or not you and your colleagues enjoyed the experience, what happened when your team members returned to the office? Did they go back to their usual behavior – perhaps arguing over small assignments, or refusing to cooperate with each other?

The ‘day of fun’ may have been a nice break from business, but did they actually use any of the lessons learned during the exercise once they were back in the workplace?
Too often, managers plan an activity with no real thought or goal in mind. Not only is this a waste of time – but managers risk losing the team’s respect when they plan an exercise that doesn’t actually help those involved.

10 Things in Common is a quick exercise to help your team members see that they have more things in common with others than they may have initially thought. This exercise takes only about 10 minutes from start to finish, gets your participants engaged, laughing, and the simplicity of this activity immediately generates team camaraderie. Click on the exercise title to download the instructions.

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