Are You on the Journey towards Confidence?

Last month the post question we asked was, ‘can you program success?’ If you’ve read the article the answer is clear. Now it’s time to take a journey towards confidence on the road to success. We are building the mindset of confidence one step at a time. Here are five steps that make it work.

  • · Step One is positive mental food. What you listen to on the radio or watch on the television has a deep and powerful way of directing your thinking and attitudes. Even if you aren’t consciously focused on it your mind will pick up, record and store those words, sounds and mental images that you are allowing to enter your mind. Ask yourself, ‘is what I am reading, listening to or watching helping build my confidence and self esteem’. If it isn’t, turn yourself and your mental focus towards the resources and information that will expand and enlarge your mental capabilities. Begin it today.
  • · Step Two is positive people you spend time with. The research conclusively shows that the people you spend time with determine as much or more as any other factor how you think and your levels of confidence and self esteem. Birds of a feather flock together. You have the opportunity to choose who you spend time with most of the time. Choose wisely and form positive reference groups. Get away from negative people who are going nowhere and doing nothing. Determine you will be responsible who you spend time with and you will choose to be around those who will encourage, support and uplift you. You will see a difference very quickly when you act on this step and stick with it. Begin it now.
  • · Step Three is positive training and development. You become what you think about. What you take into your mind on a continuous basis is determining your attitude and personality. All of what you do matters. You must decide to train and develop yourself with a focused purpose over time. When you are on a course of personal development with reading, listening to audio courses and stimulating your thought processes you will feel more positive about yourself and your future. Ongoing motivation comes from a feeling of personal and professional growth and development. Start today because everyday counts.
  • · Step Four is positive health habits. Vigorous physical exercise on a consistent basis releases endorphins in the brain and gives you a healthy mental high that continues to create feelings of well being and accomplishment. When you exercise with a balance of aerobic, resistance and flexibility exercises you will tone your body and be able to ward off fatigue and sickness more easily. Eating the right foods, getting the appropriate rest and taking care of yourself from a relaxation and personal hygiene perspective adds to your levels of self confidence and personal growth. These habits create the kind of personal life satisfaction that grows your confidence in incremental steps. Don’t delay, start today.
  • · Step Five is positive, continuous action. Yes, just do it, and do it and do it again. Disciplined persistence wins the race every time.

Yes, it takes action, discipline and the right principles to make this whole process work for you. But when it does, it does it so well that it is a life transforming process changing you through a process like metamorphosis. You can move from feeling like an ugly caterpillar to becoming a beautiful butterfly that has no limitations in a seemingly short period of time. Start today and keep track of your progress building more confidence day by day.

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