Success Law 7: The Law of Mind

Seven Laws that Guarantee Your Career and Business Success

Last time, we left off at the law of correspondence. The seventh and final law is the law of Mind - or sometimes called the law of mental equivalency. This is in many respects a summary of all the previous laws. Your thoughts charged with emotion and held with tenacity will objectify themselves and become your reality. Thoughts are things! It was defined well by Earl Nightingale as the strangest secret, when he said “you become what you think about.”

Thoughtfulness is a special skill that when practiced rigorously will bring powerful results into your life. When you are living the law of mind you literally take control of your life and all aspects of it by controlling your thinking. It is ‘mind control’ and you are the one doing it. Your thoughts direct you and your outcomes in the direction you desire because you are controlling the outer by controlling the inner.

Now, think about your career and business success. Is it what you would like it to be? Are you truly doing what you want to do and using your talents or strengths in a way that gives you pleasure and great productivity? Are you accomplishing the goals you wanted to accomplish and enjoying all the commensurate rewards that go with that type of achievement? You can immediately begin to shape or reshape the direction and outcomes of your life by directing your thinking in a proven, results oriented manner. With a competent coach or mentor who will encourage you, this process and the enjoyment of it can become yours much sooner.

Thank you for joining me in from the beginning of my Seven Laws that Guarantee Your Career and Business Success series of posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed the insights we’ve shared for your career and business success. Until we meet again with a new series of posts, adios amigos!

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