Success Law 6: The Law of Correspondence

Seven Laws that Guarantee Your Career and Business Success

The Law of Time says that if you’re having fun, time goes by very fast. If you’re not having fun, time drags like a three year old pulling her dolly behind her on the way upstairs to bed when everyone else gets to stay up. It just isn’t fair. We must be having fun because since my last post, the days have flown by like the blink of an eye and here we are nearing our last part in this series. Amazing! (Now, don’t get mad, but I was just pulling your leg about the Law of Time. It sounded good, but there isn’t one that I’m aware of. But maybe I could invent that one. Are you still with me?)

We have covered some fabulous material on our way to the finale, haven’t we? These seven laws, five of which we’ve covered thus far, are like good friends or amigos. They are speaking to us in familiar, direct ways to catch our attention and joust our minds towards the recognition that we will benefit from each and all of them. And they want to be part of our everyday success in our career and business if we’ll invite them to join us.

Just as a quick review we’ve looked at the law of Control, the law of Cause and Effect, the law of Belief, the law of Expectation and of course the law of Attraction. That’s the one that inspired the name for this series and still continues to work even though the hullabaloo about the book has passed. If you’ve missed any of the earlier posts, you can access them in the archives using the type of the law. They aren’t really dusty yet and they will give you a better coherence of thought from start to finish.

The sixth universal law in this series is the law of Correspondence. Briefly stated it says that what you are on the inside will be reflected by what you show on the outside. Your outer world, how you dress, groom yourself, the way you keep your home, car and other physical things will be a direct reflection of how you keep you mental world, your thoughts. Everything in your life moves from the inner to the outer. If you are calm, peaceful and self assured on the inside you will reflect that in how you handle everyday situations no matter how rushed, frantic or scattered they may become.

Your outer world of health, financial achievements, relationships and goal accomplishments will correspond to what is being focused on and related to in your mental or inner world. As you are within, so you are without in every way, all the time. When your inner world is balanced, focused, unstressed and happy your whole outer world will tend to reflect these anchors down to the smallest detail. But the opposite also holds true. Here’s an example.

As I look at my desk and my office I realize that the physical move I made almost months ago has put much of my life in disarray and it is disconcerting to me. But I also know that if I persevere and continue in a disciplined lifestyle my life will continue to improve for the better. Consistently practicing those five mental laws we’ve reviewed earlier I will return my desk, my office and every part of my life back to a harmonious and fruitful place again. It is happening if I can get that law of time to cooperate with me and stop moving so fast.

As time flies by, join me next time for the seventh and final law that guarantees your career and business success.

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