Success Law 5: The Law of Attraction

Seven Laws that Guarantee Your Career and Business Success

Since we have covered law four, let’s talk about the attractor factor of the law that has gained world wide recognition and acclaim via a certain book and video. The law of attraction is proven, guaranteed to work and is already working 24-7-365 whether we know it, like it or not. You are a walking, talking living magnet attracting to you people, situations and events in harmony with your dominant and prevailing thoughts.

You know the old saying, “birds of a feather flock together”. Everything in your life you have attracted to you because of how you think. The career, the jobs, the people, the blessings, the good, the bad and the ugly all are a result of what you have thought and attracted to you.

In music it is called the law of sympathetic resonance. If you have two pianos in the same room and you strike the cord of ‘C’ on one, that same cord on the other piano will be vibrating because of this law. Amazing!

Likewise you will tend to attract and meet people with the same level of ‘mental vibration’ as you are living and exuding. Remember, all effects or causation (what we see and manifest) is mental and always begins with a thought. Your entire world, beautiful or ugly, happy or sad, fun or tormented, positive or negative is of your own making. You were and continue to be the creator of your own little universe.

You can be more, do more and have more because you control and you change who you are and the direction you are moving. The more emotion and vitality you put into your thoughts the quicker you bring them into reality. You can attract new people, new situations and new things just as quickly as you change and direct your thoughts in a new way. But you must believe you are worthy of becoming, doing and having or they will vanish as quickly as they appear. That’s the unknown part of this law that many are unaware of or refuse to accept.

Expectations and attraction can become part of your positive life tools (or threads) for career and business success. Use them well and be amazed at what comes your way. In our final posts we’ll look at the laws that make and mold us and the success we can enjoy. Until then, consider what attracts you to others and others to you.

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