Patriotism in the Workplace

A 2018 Gallup polls on American pride and various new articles summarizing the polls claim patriotism is declining in the USA.  The major decline is based mostly in one political party, although article writers make different guesses as to why this may be so.  However, multiple social media posts over the past few months seem to indicate that US citizens are concerned over current events but still proud and patriotic.  So where should businesses stand on patriotism?

An American industry seen as unpatriotic might lose business and may find it hard to recruit new employees.  American companies can turn around public opinion of themselves and help increase patriotism by showing they are proud of the country they do business in.  Although there have been a few articles stating the youngest job seekers want to work for more liberal companies, there have been no conclusive studies or data presented.  However, most people (regardless of age) looking for jobs probably would prefer to work for an organization that has the same values as they do.  Companies that want economic growth tend to take risks in business but remain conservative in their political approach.  After all, capitalism allows for creation of new businesses and new innovations to help existing business to successfully continue.  In other words, profit is king in business.

Even so, it is important that American-based companies show good citizenship.  One way to do that is for leadership to prove that they value the country they live in, the rights of its citizens, and patriotism.  Some ways businesses can show patriotism include:

  • Fly a USA flag outside the company buildings
  • Keep politics out of marketing
  • Recruit military veterans who have gotten the training or leadership skills the organization needs
  • Support local and/or national military and veterans charities
  • Provide time-off options for patriotic holidays
  • Hire military spouses as telecommuting employees or part-time workers
  • Do not force political parties, views, or issues on others
  • Encourage employees to productively work as a team and not get political
  • Put the flag and/or company history on corporate website
  • Encourage employees to exercise their right to vote.

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