NFL Blunders in Business Again and Takes Other Sports With Them!

A few years ago, the NFL made a business blunder which lost them and others lots of money because they were seen as unpatriotic after they did not take a stance for the flag and national anthem.  They eventually took a stand and their fans and customer base began to return.  Due to coronavirus this year, they can not sell tickets, so they are trying to be "relevant."  However, they seem to be making another  unpopular and unpatriotic move as a new marketing campaign as NFL pledges allegiance to BLM.  Did they not learn anything about their customer base or do they just not care?  Will this be perceived as just political pandering, a new censorship, or terrorist compliance?  Will this cost them more customers?   Will the #BoycottNFL cry across social media continue as more people check the historical records of the National Football League disrespect of USA and goodwill causes?  Headlines show the results.
Other sports leagues or teams (NBA/WNBANASCAR, MLB, etc) besides NFL are starting similar campaigns as well.  Some are even considering changing the names of teams.  Are the name and logo changes a politically correct idea or a marketing ploy to pave the way to try to generate income through new sales of re-named sports gear since they cannot sell tickets?  What will their customers/fans think of name changes?  Will they buy into the media hype or continue to abandon professional sports?  Will fans begin to boycott other sports as well as their sponsors and advertisers too?  Will the league owners lose money when sponsorship goes away?  Will the players now lose their bloated million dollar salaries?  Will professional sports eventually go from being big business  to a free or low cost athletic-based pastime like in Communist countries?  Or will USA sports decide their business would be safer if they separate themselves from political agendas as UK sports do?

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