Learn At Lunch: A Great Team, Sales, and Management Training Option

Lunch & Learn, Lunch N Learn, Lunch and Learn, Brown Bag Seminar
Learn At Lunch-Training Presentations 
Whether you call it learn-at-lunch (American Management Association term, circa 2013) or lunch-and-learn (also Lunch N Learn or "Lunch & Learn" terms @2007), this is a great option for disseminating short training nuggets. It can save both time and money when it comes to employee learning.

Please note, the older terms of Bring-Your-Own-Lunch Training or Brown Bag Seminars (started in the 1980's by offering short technical topics or product introductions) are dropping in popularity by business organizations due to language acceptability and labor issues.

Use learn-at-lunch time to:
  • Introduce team-building concepts or simple business skills that do not require physical activities or special equipment
  • Familiarize sales and customer service representatives with new products, services, or processes
  • Encourage supervisors, managers, leaders, and facilitators to adopt new procedures, attitudes, or policies
For corporate events, nothing says says you have to use the term Learn-at-Lunch.  Instead you can even make your lunch menu a fun match to the topics.  Some ideas might be:  Tacos & Tools, Pizza N Presentations, Sandwiches & Sales, Training N Treats, Salad and Service, or Noodles & News. Get the idea?

For tips on Learn at Lunch, see:

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