Monday Morning Leadership on Employee Performance and Meetings

I recently re-read an oldie-but-goody management book Monday Morning Leadership (on Amazon #ad) by David Cottrell.  I suggest if you want to read a good leadership book with quick and easy-to-apply tips, you get this one.  Keep it in your briefcase or backpack to read a chapter a day whenever you are waiting around for others.  In the meantime, below are a few highlights to consider.

Surprising issues from chapter #3, Escape from Management Land which many managers probably do not realize they have (and a few tips on how to improve) are:
  • 30% of employees are super-stars (recognize, engage, reward, and motivate them to keep them)
  • 50% of employees are in the middle (encourage super-stars to volunteer to mentor these people, and send them to training to get better or become more flexible)
  • 20% are falling stars or failing stars (these are the people that should be de-hired)

In chapter #6 on time management, Do Less or Work Faster, Cottrell shares a similar chart to below on meetings as time wasters.  I found this chapter interesting as most of his tips were the same as (but worded slightly different) what I suggest in my books RARA,A Meeting Wizard’s Approach (available on Amazon #ad) and TAPP Steps in Time Management (available on Amazon #ad).  Hyperlinks in the adapted chart goes to a few tip articles from my meeting management book.  If you really want to know how to run an effective meeting, you need to get my book!

How we do our things
The things we do
Right Things Right
Run a productive and necessary meeting.
Right Things Wrong
Time-wasting in an important meeting.
Wrong Things Right
Facilitate a great meeting that was not necessary.
Wrong Things Wrong
Waste everyone’s time at an unnecessary meeting.


For more quick tips from the book, visit the blog posts of my colleague with book excerpts:

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