Fifteen Common Design Mistakes in Creating Visuals

Since my most popular seminar and  articles are on how to create and deliver presentations, I was intrigued when Payman Taei (Founder of Visme) offered to let me share parts of his video series called "Make Information Beautiful" on my blog.

At the bottom of this post is an 10-minute episode from the series containing great tips to avoid the most common design mistakes by non-designers. The 15 mistakes are indicated below,  However you have to watch the video to get the tips for avoiding these mistakes.

1. Using words instead of visuals
2. Poor readability
3. Mismatching fonts
4. Not choosing the right colors
5. Lack of negative space
6. Place elements arbitrarily
7. Failing to create contrast
8. Not scaling properly
9. Hard-to-read text
10.Inappropriate font combinations
11.Inadequate space between lines
12.Using raster images
13.Striving for complete symmetry
14.Failing to communicate effectively
15.Not being consistent

The additional 4 mistakes mentioned in video are in images and text on Visme blog post
1. Bad kearning
2. Ignoring visual hierarchy rules
3. Copying other's work
4. Forgetting about the medium

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