Meeting Application for Smart Phones

In my book R,A!R.A! A Meeting Wizard’s Approach (available on Amazon #ad), I share tips for preparing and evaluating meetings, as well as how to run them effectively and efficiently.   Because I am a certified meeting facilitator and author of various business books, I get asked to recommend technical solutions in addition to the meeting leadership and participation guidelines found in my book. For that reason I wrote the post on evaluating meeting planning and measurement tools that are free on the internet since not many people know about the options I listed.  Most people already know about holding meetings with internet tools like GoToMeeting, Skype, and WebEx, so I just encourage them to improve their virtual meetings with tips and toolsfrom my book and articles. Now I will share a new tool businesses may be interested in.

The video below introduces an easy-to-use application for meetings and webinars called ThinkRite Assistant.  This application could be very handy for field sales team meetings as the sales representatives can easily join meetings when on-the-road from their mobile phone.  This solution may also be a good fit for global project teams who must collaborate virtually rather than physically.  The option to use a smart phone for checking into webinars also makes this app a great way to make sure continuous learning is available to off-site employees who are not able to come to a central location for seminars and training classes.  After watching the video and if you are interested in learning more, review the website at

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