Creating a Business Plan for Your Start-up Company

Below is a clever 3+ minute video that explains why you need a business plan and what the main components are.  I have those components noted below as well.  The video speaker is from the UK, so his form references will be from there.  I have included links to U.S. templates for your convenience.  You may want to review other YouTube videos on business plans and the book post Rules for Bootstrapping a Startup Business as well.

Six Parts of a Business Plan
1. Executive Summary (do last)
2. Business Details
3. Marketing and Sales Strategy
4. Management Team and Personnel
S. Set-up
6. Financial Plan and Projections

Downloadable Business Forms (including plan templates) from Entrepreneur Magazine

Downloadable PDF Template or On-line Option from U.S. Small Business Administration

If you have a start-up in Africa, check out UBuntu blog post.

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