Upgrade Your Life and Work with 7 Principles of Success

Upgrade book

The book Upgrade: Taking Your Work and Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary (on Amazon #ad) by Rana Florida, provides seven principles of success utilized by all types of people who have reached the pinnacle of their professions.  These are summarized below.

 Seven Principles of Success:

1.    Envision your future by writing down your goals.  Then start working towards those goals and knocking down obstacles to being what and where you want to go.

2.    Find your passion by identifying what makes you happy.  Then look for ways to focus your time so as to add that passion into your career or personal time, this will give your life purpose and new meaning.

3.    Get creative through diversity in people and different perspectives.  Embracing innovation and change are important keys to future success.

4.    Protect your time by controlling your own schedule and getting rid of the time wasters in your life.  You can never get lost time back, so use yours effectively by having fun, being productive, and giving back. 

5.    Collaborate with others (aka “the power of we”) by surrounding yourself with smart people and being open to what they say and know.  Find people who complement yours skills or help you learn to reach your full potential.

6.    Take risks by getting out of your comfort zone in order to reap bigger rewards. New ideas and opportunities rarely come without taking some risks. 

7.    Embrace failure (aka “fail to succeed”) as part of your learning process.  Failure can be a new beginning rather than an end.  Think of failure as an opportunity to grow through reflection and pushing forward.

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