Six Ways to Show Your Customers That You Care

Customers assume you want their business.  Of course you do!  However, do customer know you want to keep their business?  Maybe not...  The way you treat your customers when they have a complaint or are just looking for more information can signal a lack of interest.  If you want the customer to come back and buy, then you better seem interested in their business!

Six ways you can show your interest in and caring for the customer include:
1.  If meeting them in person, make eye contact so they know you are paying attention and not try to avoid their concerns.
2.  Actively listen to what the customer is saying.  By listening you can hear concerns you may be able to alleviate or problems you can easily solve.
3.  If it is not a negative situation, be sure to smile to show your friendliness towards the customer.  Even if it is not an in-person conversation, the customer can sense the smile in your tone of voice.
4.  Always give the customer the respect they deserve, after all when you really think about it they are the reason you get paid.
5.  If the customer is emotional, show empathy and understanding so they know you are concerned about them and looking for a way to resolve issues.
6.  Make a real effort to solve their problem and assure them a solution is in the works by explaining what will happen next.


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