Do you have the right tools for leading your sheep?

There are 4 behavioral leadership styles that operate in the pasture. Which one is most like you?

  1. The shepherd – A steady and forward moving force
  2. The sheep dog – High energy and great at pushing the flock forward as a group
  3. The sheep – Follow the rules and group mentality
  4. The wolf – A loner in every sense of the word who make’s opportunities happen

Note to Leaders from the Flock -
Learn to Lead Without Unnecessarily Stirring Up the Sheep. Whenever sheep are pushed, they respond with fear or anxiety, but when a shepherd goes ahead of them and calls the sheep by name they follow the shepherd peacefully.

They trust the shepherd. They want to follow. Is this true in your flock? How do you lead?

Now it’s time to get outfitted with the "Tools of the Trade" of a Shepherd. Pick the ones you will use:

(A) A cloak: This garment protected from heat and cold. It is also his bed. The shepherd’s image is built around this garment.

(B) His carryall: A bag to carry his essentials which are clothing, bread and cheese.

(C) His sling: With a small pouch of round, smooth stones to be used as his weapon. If in doubt, check out David and Goliath story below.

(D) His staff/crook: Walking aid to lean on and also use crook to rescue sheep.

(E) The rod: A straight stick with a knot that fits his hand, used to inspect the sheep by parting their wool for bugs & injuries

(F) A flute or pipe: For entertainment and to comfort the sheep.

(G) His sheep dog: Known as the "keepers" of his flock, his companion, his greatest sheep manager, very necessary to the life of the flock.

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