Create Your 2012 Training Needs Analysis

Can you believe 2012 is right around the corner?! It is time to start thinking about your training needs. Does your organization train during the year on an ad hoc basis or maybe you plan training on the same topics every year just because “you always do it?” By analyzing your training needs before you create your training plan you have a greater chance to: 1) achieve your organization’s goals and objectives, 2) develop training content based on the needs of your employees, 3) raise employee performance to higher levels, and 4) spend your training dollars wisely.
Many people believe that completing a training needs analysis is too time-consuming. By asking a series of questions and getting a few key people involved in the process, I think you will find that the benefits outweigh the time you put into the process.
A training needs analysis examines training from three perspectives: your overall organization, the jobs in your organization and individual performance. As you read each of the questions below within these three categories, ask yourself “who in my organization would have access to this information” and get them involved in your process. Use these questions as a starting point to get you and your team thinking, and add other questions that pertain specifically to your organization.
Questions for Your Organizational Needs
What are the goals of your organization this year?
What new products and services will be offered that might require training?
Where is the organization currently missing its target goals, i.e. turnover, customer service, scrap rate, productivity?
Will there be a merger or acquisition?
Is your organization expanding into global markets? You may need to add language and culture training to your plan.
Questions for Your Jobs Needs
What responsibilities and skills are changing in your employee job descriptions?
Are jobs being automated requiring employees to learn new equipment?
Has new software been purchased which will require employee training?
Are you in a highly regulated industry where compliance training must be offered?
Have you promoted many employees from within who now need managerial and leadership skills?
Questions for Individual Needs
What training needs have been identified through your employee performance reviews?
What training needs have been identified through your succession planning process?
Have you hired many new employees? Do you have to offer basic training to get them up to speed?
Do you have employees with long tenure that may benefit from cross training to stimulate a new interest in their jobs?
Next month…now that you have analyzed your training, it is time to create your training plan.

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