Customer Relationship Management with The Social Customer

The Social
Customer Book

In the new book by Adam Metz, The Social Customer: How Brands Can Use Social CRM to Acquire, Monetize, and Retain Fans, Friends, and Followers, the author goes beyond Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks to discuss marketing opportunities and methodologies. Metz references a 2010 white paper “The 18 Use Cases of Social CRM, the New Rules of Relationship Management” by Owyang and Wang. Then he goes on to say that they missed a few and he believes there are 23 cases. He explains the first case in detail in chapter 4 and then uses the following 5 chapters to cover the others before moving to methodologies and tools. Below are the 23 social cases Metz presents in his book. Get the book for more insights.

1.  Social customer insight (using 5 M’s: monitoring, mapping, middleware, management, and measurement)
2.  Social marketing insights
3.  Rapid social marketing response
4.  Social campaign tracking
5.  Social event management
6.  Social pull-through marketing
7.  Social sales insights
8.  Rapid social sales response
9.  Proactive social lead generation
10.Direct and distributed social commerce
11.Dynamic social supply reallocation
12.Social demand generation
13.Social support insights
14.Rapid social response
15.Peer-to-peer (P2P) unpaid armies
16.Innovation insights
17.Crowd-sourced reaserach and development (R&D with real-time feedback)
18.Collaboration insights
19.Enterprise collaboration
20.Extended collaboration
21.Seamless customer experience
22.VIP experience (perks)
23.Mobile on-line-location (engage every customer)

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