9/11 Tears Remembered - A Memorial Poem

On 9/11/2001, I had a “meeting cancelled due to what happened today.” I then found out while Americans were at work or on their way to work, a terrible tragedy happened that we now refer to as 9/11. Some were trying to track down what happened to associates or family, while most of us cried and hugged our loved of us or were glued to the television for more bad news.

Some might say a leadership blog is not the place to share the below poem. I would disagree, as great leadership was shown that day. Not only by our president, first responders, and the passengers on 93, but also by many Americans across the nation who both worked and wept trying to turn things around. I wrote the short poem below as a way to express our continued sorrow at the memory of that day, as well as encourage hope and healing.

Please fell free to share the poem with others. You may get the video at http://youtu.be/eEoRlgLcARU. If you want the word text, a slide, or to find out more about the author: go to my OrgThis blog. If you use the poem, please credit the source. Thanks.

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Ted said...

Many people are going beyond just prayer cards and bookmarks and creating memorial service folders and various memorial favors. That is what I have seen anyway