Death by Powerpoint – Is this your Presentation?

I do a keynote called Perfecting Presentaitons with the 4 P’s which is on creating and delivering business presentations.. During the 2nd P of the keynote, I share an exercise with th group on the right and wrong way to create PowerPoint slides. They learn a lot by trying to find everything wrong with my slides before we discuss the right way to prepare a show.
Watch the very amusing video titled “Life After Deatch by PowerP:oint” (under 10 minutes) below by Don McMillan and ask yourself “Do my slides look like that? Do I talk that fast?” In the video, he shares many of the same tips I do but in a much funnier way. The basic information I share in my keynote and that you will also glean from the video on slide shows are these key points:
  • Do not type every word of your speech, summarize in slides
  • Do not use too many font types or sizes – find 1 style that your audience can read easily
  • Do define your acronyms or technical terms
  • Do not overuse animations and images
  • Do not put too many bullets on the same slide (for more see Rule of 6)
  • Do use graphs and charts but only if they explain data better than a table.

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