Why Ask Why?

The other day I got out my can-opener and was opening a can of worms when I thought, "what am I doing?! I'm not even hungry!"

Okay, that was just to get your attention and perhaps get a small chuckle from you.  But in reality it is opening the topic for today which is...WHY.  WHY?!  Yes, we do need to consider that short three letter word which is very different than how. 

In most articles today, even on this wonderful blog about being productive, everyone is constantly talking about how.  How to get the most out of your time, your employees, your investments, your spouse, your kids, your everything!  How to eat your sushi, how to drink your latte, how to have better and longer and more exciting sex, (oops, did I really say that?) how to milk the moment or is it the cow, how to access your iphone apps  faster, smarter, etc., etc., ad nauseam. 

There comes a point in time (and that is now) when we stop asking how.  We need to ask why.  WHY?  Yes, we need to ask why because that gets to some really important issues, like the root.  The root?  Yes, we need to get back to the beginning or even before the beginning and find out how (oops, I did it) we got into the mess we are in.  We'll do that by asking why. 

Why is why so important? Ponder this tidbit of wisdom from a wise guy. 
 "For true success, ask yourself these four questions: Why?  Why not?  Why not me?  Why not now?" -James Allen

Rather than just going pall mall into everything we do from sun up to sun down perhaps we can be more productive by asking why.  If we do ask 'why' and answer with even an ants wisdom (they are pretty wise by the way) we might find ourselves doing less, but doing it better, more enjoyably, more enthusiastically, more whole-heartedly.  WOW! What a concept. 

But the first step which can be the hardest, is to ask 'why'.  Why am I going here, doing this, with these people, at this time, in this way, especially when I don't really enjoy any of it?  You see, asking why helps us to find that internal compass that will guide us in a simpler and fulfilling way IF we stop to look at it. 

The 'why question' steers us toward our real mission in life.  Your why is your reason, motive or purpose for any action you take.  Ask yourself, 'why am I reading this article right now?' and if it's for a good reason continue.  If not, reconsider after you've finished it.  LOL!! Sorry, I don't want you to stop till you're done.  You're almost done. 

Doing something for the right why you can even deal with the how, no matter how difficult it might be.

"He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how."  - Friedrich Nietzsche

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