Constructive Comments Contest

The purpose of the To Be Productive Blog is to help others to become more effective and productive both personally and professionally. We do this by sharing ideas, tips, suggestions, inspirations, and expertise. In order to better do this, we thought it would be a great idea to invite our readers to add their own helpful tips and ideas along with ours by using the comments option. To encourage readers to provide suggestions that have proven effective for them, we decided to offer a Constructive Comments Contest. Below are a few simple rules for the contest and an explanation of how it works.

Rules for Reader Comments:
1. You may comment on any post, new or old. If you feel you have something to share in a particular area of expertise, please feel free to check our archives by label (post category) for an appropriate post to add your comment to. You may find the list of Archives and Labels under our Author information.
2. In order to qualify for the contest, you must be a resident of the United States and your comments need to be constructive and helpful to others who may read them in the future when reviewing a post.
3. To get credit in the contest, we must know who you are and how to contact you. If you have a gmail account and use a matching GOOGLE ACCOUNT to sign-in for adding a comment, then we will be able to easily contact you via gmail if you win a prize. If you do not have a gmail account and choose another login option, you will need to place a name and email address for us to use to contact you at the end of your comment.
NOTE: We are not able to edit your email address out of a comment, so we can not prevent spam bots from finding your email it you enter it exactly as needed for us to send you an email. Therefore if you are not a gmail user, you may want to choose the NAME/URL option and use your website URL for notification if it contains a contact link for your. If you do not have a website, you can choose OPENID or ANONYMOUS options and include your name and email in your comment by replacing the following quoted text with your email address data “name at” where the word “at” replaces the @ symbol that spam bots search for.
4. There is no limit as to the number of posts you may review and add comments to. If desired, you may review the blog each week during the contest time period to find new or different posts to add a new comment to and increase your chances at a prize. Please do not enter the same comment over multiple weeks as the point here is to get many different and excellent ideas, tips, suggestions, inspirations, and etc.
5. To add a comment, click on the link at the bottom of each post that says # COMMENTS under author name on newer posts or POST A COMMENT below other comments in an archived post.

How the Contest Works:
1. The comment contest begins in October 2009. A book will be given as a weekly prize for most constructive comment. The contest runs until we have distributed the books we have to give as prizes. Therefore if no comments are received in a particular week, the contest deadline is extended another week.
2. Comments on this blog are moderated in an attempt to remove malicious or inappropriate content. This means a live person looks at every comment and will be copying them into a contest log along with sign-in/emails in order to notify winners.
3. Judges will review the comments and select the one they feel is the most informative, effective, and constructive.
NOTE: Post authors on this blog (regular or guest) may add comments too. However author comments will not be eligible as potential prize winners.
4. After notification by email, winners will send the moderator their mailing address where they wish their prize book to be sent. Winners will have 10 days to respond with a mailing address. If they do not send a response, their book will be added back into the prize pool to extend the contest for another week.
5. A list of winner names and their prizes may be added to this post after the prize has been mailed.

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Scott S. said...

This is an interesting idea that I haven't seen before. If fits the spirit of what you are doing in your blog.