The DIAL Method: Do It And Learn

In this information age learning is more important than ever. But learning is not a spectator's sport nor is it a passive, non-thinking activity. Learning can and should be an active, exciting, fun-filled adventure for all ages.

Often times we associate the old "trial and error" method with learning. With this type of thinking there will usually be more error and less enjoyment. Why? Because the supposition is you have to fail repeatedly before you can succeed. I’ve never met anyone who really enjoys failing in order to learn. A new method with a different attitude can open the door to more enjoyment, quicker learning and greater success. It's called the D.I.A.L. Method. D.I.A.L. means Do It And Learn.

The primary thing that keeps people from being an active aggressive learner is fear. Fear binds people, freezing them in their tracks. Fear intimidates its victims causing them to wither and withdraw. The D.I.A.L. Method conquers fear by taking specific positive action directed at the source of the fear. Growth and advancement in life are easier and quicker when we D.I.A.L.

You conquer a fear of public speaking by doing it. The more you practice speaking you'll learn that you can improve each time and become better and more confident after each endeavor. With doing comes competence and competence breeds confidence.

If you fear failure in seeking an education, a better job, or better relationships you should D.I.A.L. You commit yourself with every ounce of strength and all the courage you have and move forward. As you do it you will learn that you can succeed while accomplishing each goal you set for yourself. The more clear and concise your purpose is the greater your success will be as you D.I.A.L. We can gain wisdom and understanding if we take the time to evaluate our progress compared to our purpose.

We can and should be learners for life. Some of the greatest and fastest learning we ever achieve is between the ages of 1-6. Our young minds are open, meek and receptive and we have more of a trusting attitude toward those who are teaching us. We typically have little if any fear so we’re ready to try new things. In trying more and in doing more we learn more. It is also possible to maintain this type of learning attitude even as an adult.

The greatest learning comes from being the greatest doer. As you do something repeatedly you can learn new insights each time. As you do those activities you fear, you learn the power of action in overcoming fear and bringing success.

Adults learn quicker and retain more by doing than by hearing, discussing or just thinking. The D.I.A.L. Method works being founded on principles that work. It has a more positive focus than the “trial and error” method.

Don't try and err. Do it and learn. You will find some obstacles and you will probably make some mistakes along the way. The most important thing is that you will change because you will learn in a simple, proven and powerful way. The D.I.A.L. Method is ‘believing in action’. When it comes to learning, aren’t you glad you use D.I.A.L?

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