Introduction and Under Construction

This blog will contain information from various business consultants and coaches with a variety of specialties. Since, we are currently building the blog site to get the look we want before publishing articles and ideas; we do not plan to post any thought-provoking content in the month of March. Thanks for your understanding and please tune-in (or link up) next month. To make it easier to check back later, you can add our URL to your “bookmarks” or “favorites” list now.

Just in case you want to know a little about the consultants who will be writing on this blog, here’s a quick introduction. All four consultants, who plan to start writing in April, are recognized speakers and trainers based in Texas – but are always happy to travel to meet customer needs. Shirley, George, Deborah, and Carl met through their volunteer work with the Dallas chapter of ASTD and found they shared a passion for helping others become more effective and productive in both their personal and professional lives. Each provides a different background, experience, and perspective in their training courses, keynote speeches, articles and other writings. Find out what they have to say that might interest you next month as each will take a week in which they plan to communicate with you through this blog.

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